Hello, I'm Paru, the owner of !

This place serves as an index for every project that I work on during my free time, which often involves the furry art style Kemono -- it has its roots in the east, in particular Japan. My main interest is to make things such as posters, comics and sketches featuring these creatures in an alternate world called the Kemoverse, a worldbuilding project years in the making. I'm also interested in the geomtric and abstract representation of my personal feelings and thoughts about the world, which is why the key feature of my artwork is that it's pixelated.

I live in Sweden and am currently attending a game developer oriented college. When I'm not, I'm either working on my personal projects or playing games -- Final Fantasy XI, Project Zomboid, Tabletop Simulator to name a few. In all honesty, I'm probably working as productivity feels more rewarding than gaming. I'm a workaholic. Help.

Below are some site update news.

Site updated

[ 29-02-2020 ]

What's up furheads! I've just refreshed [Kemono.SE] to look even sleeker, personal, and hopefully more tidy. This is to prepare for the eventual release of the first volume in my project Novasaga, a manga series showing off the world of the Kemoverse and the accompanying story. I've been putting off this much-needed update for several years (you might have noticed the lack of art updates), so this renewed look serves as a sharp refresh for me, my home, and the stuff that I put out.

For now, I'm planning to keep the "Art" and "Book" pages on here, and perhaps also add a "Worldbuilding" or a "Programming" section. Maybe it will be like a portfolio? We'll see.

Please excuse me while I stash stuff around the site.


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