Paru K.


Utilitarian design for regular & power users.

Hello, I am Paru. I live in Sweden but also Online.
I work efficiently and prefer ambitious and fast workflow.
I think methodically; from the big intention to the small details.
I enjoy sharing the feeling of collaboration.

I have been learning independently (programming, drawing, publishing, ...) since 2011.
In 2018, I began academic education at University of Skövde with UX design, then game development.
In 2021, during year two of college, I started my own development company "Kemze Studio".

My favored styles are: geometric abstraction, digital degradation, strong silhouette and characterization.

Main projects.

Kemoverse Online / Kemze.Net - 2018-

Unity, Godot, Krita, Blender

Independently developed "second life"-style game with original worldbuilding and game idea. Countless hours expanding the game; learning game engines (Unity, later Godot), programming core game functionality, implementing a dozen unique areas and customizable characters, creating moodboards, designing user interface, implementing 3d character and environment models with rigging and implementing network functionality.

Kemotek/Kemoners - 2017-2018

InDesign, Book printing, International customers

Book collaborations with other artists (10~20) recruited through Internet. Planning, organizing & designing book content, assigning work and deadines, managing prints and shipping to worldwide customers.

Bard Music Player - 2017

Windows programming, Reverse engineering, Community management

Program to automatically play MIDI files in Final Fantasy XIV. Reverse engineered memory addresses, designed user interface and functionality. Created large community for writing and sharing music. Released program as open source.

Youtube animations - 2016-2017

Frame-by-frame animation, video editing

A few experimental videos. Some are hand drawn animations and other ones are real footage.

Parupaint - 2012, 2016

Tools programming, User interface, Networking

Personal tool for drawing and animating over the Internet. Designed and implemented user interface, multi-frame and multi-layer drawing and network synchronization. Rewritten in 2016 using Qt framework.

Smaller projects...