Paru K.


Stylish and functional design for regular and power users.

Hello, I am Paru. I live in Sweden but also Online.

I work in depth and prefer ambitious goals. I think methodically;
from the first impressions to the finer functional details.

The goal is important, whether it's the end user or a deadline;
but my passion also lies in creating experiences with others.

Basically, I like glueing things together for an awesome idea.

I have been learning practical creation skills independently since 2011.
Teaching myself new things is very easy when a strong vision is ahead.

In 2018, I began academic education at University of Skövde with UX design, then game development.
During college, I frequently took initiative for art direction and creative lead for group projects.

In 2021, during year two of college, I started my own personal development studio "Kemze Studio".

My favored styles are: geometric abstraction, digital degradation, strong silhouette and characterization.

Sketchfab. Printables. Github.

Main projects.

Kemoverse Online - 2018-

Unity, Godot, Krita, Blender

Independently developed social-roleplaying game with original worldbuilding. Idea and game in development for many years.

  • - Learning, using, and porting to game engines (initially Unity, ported to Godot) and asset organizing/processing/management.
  • - Programming internal systems and groundwork functionality such as scene/asset management, spatial navigation of characters, immersive weather/flora/creature behavior, server-client network functionality, and much more.
  • - Designing and modeling unique areas and characters. Conceptual sketching and planning of systems and content, storyboard and moodboard creation for determining implementation goals, and designing a consistent and usable user interface. Working together with texture artist.
  • - For Godot: contributing features and fixes to github repository.

VRChat projects - 2021 - 2022

Unity, Blender

VRChat Mutebook: virtual dictionary book for mute communication. Designed and organized 6 pages of commonly used phrases and words in a 3d interactive book held in VR. Researched existing ideas such as sign language, text-to-speech and real-life solutions. Tested the book extensively in-game and collected feedback for improvement.

Content modeling: Functional environments and characters designed and implemented and optimized to play along with VRChat's demand for performance. Environments created with interactive functionalities such as reactive audio players. Characters created fully rigged, weighted and painted by hand.

Bard Music Player - 2017 - 2018

C#/Windows programming, Reverse engineering, Community management

C# program to automatically play MIDI files in Final Fantasy XIV. Reverse engineered memory addresses, designed user interface and implemented functionality. Created large community discord (>10 000) and chat bot for writing and sharing user-submitted music files. Released program as free and under GPL open source license and later transferred ownership.

Source code

Commercial and personal book projects - 2015-2018

InDesign, Book printing, Drafting, Packaging/Shipping to international customers

Kemotek/Kemoners: Book collaboration made with other artists (10~20) recruited through the Internet. Planning, organizing and designing book content, assigning work and determining deadines, managing physical prints and shipping to worldwide customers.

Personal books: Experimental art books focusing on artistic expression of my personal feelings.

Parupaint - 2012, 2016

C++/Tools programming, User interface, Networking

Personal tool for drawing and animating artworks over the Internet. Designed and implemented user interface and various internal systems, featuring multi-frame and multi-layer drawing with network synchronization. Rewritten in 2016 using Qt framework and added many features.

Source code (Qt rewrite)

Smaller projects...